The LS-SLM group participated in the Sustainability Day of Bern’s higher education institutions with an interactive stand on the 3rd of November 2023. We had many visitors throughout the day, and these expressed a great interest in the project by asking many questions and networking with us.

Part of the SUSTAINFORESTS team; from left to right: Pamela Tabi Eckebil, Georges Agonvonon, Phydias Agossou, Frank Mintah, Samuel Hepner & Giulia Curatola.

The interactive stand included several attractions:

  1. Three posters gave general information about the SUSTAINFOREST and the LUCFRES projects and more in-depth information about individual PhD projects and results. 
  2. In addition, we had a game in which visitors could learn about forest degradation based on visual material produced by the project’s fieldwork and diverse remote sensing data.
  3. We created an interactive map of the project field sites, which visitors could view on a tablet. By clicking on the different field sites, visitors could learn about various aspects of the research, read short descriptions, and view graphics and photos.
  4. We projected a short documentary film on a separate screen, illustrating a typical field workday of the SUSTAINFOREST’s PhDs in West Africa. The film was produced by Samuel Hepner and narrated by Pamela Tabi Eckebil.